E-commerce 2022, JFM Insights & Emerging Trends Report

Market analysis is essential for every business. As the online shopping trend scales rapidly, competition between branded and private label intensifies. Get a quick snapshot of the regional traffic, brand vs label contribution, men’s & women’s sales contribution, etc. to identify areas that can be improved to increase customer trust, and reduce fear. Guide discounts and determine ideal price points for higher conversion. Identify products that are returned most often which can inform future inventory planning. See how shoppers behaved across cities.

Find answers to:

  • Top 10 fashion categories that retailers can capitalize on
  • Which state & city has the maximum e-commerce sales revenue contribution
  • Variation in shopping trends of major tech vs non-tech cities
  • Which state has the highest, and the lowest, revenue contribution from men’s or women’s clothing
  • How Cash-On-Delivery (COD) varies regionally