Markdown Optimization

Maximize ROI through effective retail markdowns. Utilize real-time style performance and stock data for precise discount suggestions, boosting sales and maximizing margins.


Improvement in ROS for tool-recommended discounted styles


Margin improvements in fast-moving styles


Increase in frequency of decision making


Handling of in-season, event and old-season liquidation


Manage your product markdowns efficiently to maximize ROI

SKU level discounting

Dynamic in nature

Price elasticity guides discount limits

Adjusts discounts to meet company-level targets

Flexible frequency for online/offline channels

Markdown Optimization1

Value we add 

  • Adjust discounts dynamically to minimize sales loss
  • Enable rapid rollback on discounting if ROS doesn’t increase 
  • Facilitate flexible capping of the discount within different decision matrix combinations
  • Implement style-level manual overrides for reordering and discounting decisions

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