E-commerce Festive Season Sales Report – 2022 for Fashion & Apparel

The Indian e-commerce market is growing at a break-neck speed. With the removal of pandemic-related restrictions, brands & retailers have experienced an unparalleled growth trajectory in 2022, across regions and categories. No retailer can afford to ignore having an online strategy to accelerate revenue, especially now, in the new normal.

Get well-equipped with substantial sales data and insights on the rising numbers across product categories, a comprehensive outlook of evolving consumer preferences across various segments, and more. Here’s our exclusive emerging trends report presenting in-depth data of  ~ 4 Million orders processed during the festive season sale 2022 by our Warehouse Management System (WMS). 

  • Region, state, and city-wise growth factors, demand trends
  • sales performance 2021 vs 2022
  • Preferred or emerging product categories
  • Highest, and the lowest, revenue contributions 
  • Gender-wise and color-preference analysis

…and more.