E-commerce Festive Season Sales insights – 2021

The overall revenue contribution this year was higher as compared to last year. This year shoppers bought products at a higher ASP and at a lower discount percentage across categories. See how shoppers behaved across cities.

  • East India’s revenue contribution was more than West. The North-Eastern states emerged as a high potential market which contributed to 7% of the national revenue. A higher than average COD percentage indicated the need for improvement in logistics and faster order fulfilment with distributed warehousing.
  • Tech cities (Bangalore, Pune & Hyderabad) contributed to 12.6% of the national revenue, however, their spending pattern was surprisingly different than expected.
  • Women generally showed a higher preference for fashion colours, however, Trousers was one category where men’s contribution towards fashion colour was almost double that of women.
  • Sales of winter clothes like Sweatshirts and Jackets gained momentum during this sales period. Sweatshirts were preferred more in fashion colours and Jackets sold more in basic colours.