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Cloud Warehousing

Anytime anywhere warehousing with Zero CAPEX and a pay-per-use model

We simplify inventory distribution through collaborative solutions that help brands be closer to customers and stay ahead in the competition. As retail becomes challenging, Cloud warehousing revolutionises the way business is done.


Reduce expenditure by switching from CapEx to OpEx model of operations. Achieve zero-order cancellation and close to 99.9% fulfilment accuracy.

All Sales Channels

  • A single view of inventory
  • Single warehouse for B2B and B2C
  • Online & Offline that handles B2C returns complexity

Agile and Flexible

  • Warehousing anytime anywhere
  • High picking efficiency with consolidated picking and intelligent pick-paths
  • Lower dependency on skilled manpower
  • Launch warehousing in 7 days

Guaranteed SLAs

  • Inventory Accuracy and lower inventory holding
  • Closer to end customer, lower logistics costs

Distributed Warehousing

  • Intelligent inventory distribution across multiple warehouses
  • Faster delivery to end consumer
  • Lower logistics cost
  • Better NPS and higher visibility on the marketplace


Switch from conventional inventory distribution to efficient cloud warehousing to witness immediate cost savings and better order fulfillment.

One of India's fashion brand powerhouses achieved 99.9% bin level Inventory accuracy and end-to-end traceability across the value chain. It unlocked benefits of Unique Piece Barcoding and reduced cycle counts.

One of India’s noted ethnic wear brands received a FAssured and Amazon Prime quality badge for achieving extremely high SLA and very low seller cancellations.

A power-packed brand house with 4 large celebrity brands achieved a 100% order fill rate with zero wrong dispatches for B2B and B2C orders.

One of India’s largest e-commerce brands witnessed a 50% reduction in manpower cost through automated warehousing


warehouses being managed


Number of pieces of live inventory held across all brands


B2B and B2C orders processed to date


Business as usual order fulfillment across all clients


SLA during periods of high flow of orders (such as sales) over 24hrs

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"Your data is hosted in your region as per the regional data security regulations GDPR and PDPB. We ensure highest levels of data encryption."

The next generation solution to all of fashion's order fulfillment and warehouse management needs is here.

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