Pintola satiates its need for streamlining order management with Increff

Pintola, a homegrown superfoods label by Das Foods Pvt. Ltd., faced challenges in optimizing their order fulfillment process, improving delivery times, and enhancing customer service. To overcome these obstacles, this emerging FMCG player turned to Increff’s omnichannel solution, ‘Omni.’

Omni is a cloud-based platform that integrates Warehouse Management (WMS), Store Fulfillment (O2O, Offline to Online), and Order Management (OMS) systems. With the implementation of Omni, Pintola achieved remarkable results, including

  • 79% decrease in order processing time
  • 50% reduction in returns/cancellations
  • 30% increase in warehouse space utilization and more

These impressive outcomes have helped Pintola streamline their operations, enhance their customer experience, and grow their business.

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Author: Harsh Dugar