One of the trendiest retail brands builds efficiency in Warehousing to achieve ~50% reduction in manpower cost

One of India’s largest retail brands and the powerhouse of some of the trendiest and exclusive international fashion brands, replaced its existing SAP WMS with Increff Cloud Warehousing solution, to achieve higher efficiency in operations, greater order accuracy, and lower order cancellations. 

Objective: To design efficient warehouse operations, and reduce manpower costs, for e-commerce. Also, lower-order cancellations due to high order mismatch and better order fulfillment. 


  • Integrated WMS/ OMS systems 
  • Deep API integration with SAP to ensure smooth flow of information
  • Quick Ramp-up – Warehouse started in 15 days with a capacity to handle ~700k inventory


  • ~100% inventory accuracy at Bin level, only 4 cases of Not found across more than 500k inventory managed
  • 100% order fulfillment accuracy, same day with zero cancellation over 7 months
  • ~50% reduction in manpower cost as we eliminated the need for multiple audits, manual data entries, network etc. 
  • Reduced SLA from greater than 2 days, to 1 day. 

Author: Alaf Azam