Libas Optimizes Warehouse Ecosystem Using Increff WMS

Libas, a renowned brand in women’s ethnic wear with deep Indian roots, faced growing pains. As order demands skyrocketed, their warehouses struggled with the deluge, leading to turnaround times stretching between 7 to 9 days. This lag increased returns and cancellations significantly.

In order to overcome these obstacles, Libas turned to Increff WMS.

Increff Warehouse Management System is a user-friendly, agile, cloud-based WMS platform that has gained recognition as a leading vendor in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities and Magic Quadrant. Upon successful implementation of Increff WMS, it transformed Libas’s challenges and the achievements are:

  • Order sync in under 15 seconds
  • Order processing time decreased by 25-30%
  • 30-40% drop in turnaround times
  • 25-30% reduction in returns and cancellations

These impressive results have allowed Libas to streamline their operations, enhance the customer experience, and facilitate the growth of their business.

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