Increff’s Merchandising Software Boosts Daily Sales by 26% for India’s Second-Largest Footwear Brand

Delve into the transformation journey of one of India’s foremost footwear giants. With a sprawling network of 150 distributors, 400 exclusive showrooms, and over 6,000 multi-brand outlets, this eminent brand faced critical business hurdles such as:

  • Excessive inventory levels
  • Inefficient inter-store transfers
  • Achieving the right product mix
  • Irregular replenishments
  • Struggles with style performance
  • Dependence on a flat discounting approach

In search of a solution, the brand turned to Increff’s Merchandising Software. Seamlessly integrating Increff’s strategic offerings across key business dimensions like planning, product allocation, replenishment, and discounting, the brand witnessed a remarkable results:

  • 26% increase in average daily sales quality through Inter Store Transfers
  • 8% reduction in inventory with true ROS data and replenishment strategies
  • Enhanced core article styles’ health by 30%
  • 10.46% sales increase alongside a 1% boost in profit margins with right discount recommendations
    And many more.

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