Global Footwear giant improves inventory turns by 2-3x with easy Multi-system Deployment

One of the world’s leading sportswear brands was facing operational hassles working on multiple systems deployed to manage e-commerce. This led to poor bin level accuracy causing huge order cancellation. There was also dedicated inventory for each channel leading to poor ROS. 

Objective: Consolidate multiple systems deployed to manage e-commerce into one comprehensive solution that is easy to manage and fast to integrate, without losing on sales or leading to order cancellations. 


  • Integrates WMS/ OMS systems deployed
  • Showcase all its inventory to different sales channels, simultaneously. 
  • Deep API integration with SAP to ensure smooth flow of information
  • A single view of inventory exposed to all marketplaces and B2B sales channels
  • Quick Ramp-up – Warehouse started in 10 days with more than 100k inventory. 


  • 300% jump in the rate of sales resulting in significantly higher revenue
  • Improved inventory turns by 2-3x 
  • 99.9% bin level accuracy
  • Amazon Prime status for 100% inventory leading to higher revenue on Amazon
  • Reduced SLA from 3 days to 1-day, same-day SLA for all channels resulting in better customer experience and better conversion.  
  • Reduced inventory holding by ~40% from 110 days to 65 days
  • Managed inventory worth 400K regularly and more efficiently. 

Author: Alaf Azam