Fashion powerhouse & a leading celebrity brand achieves 100% Inventory Accuracy

One of the largest celebrity brands in India’ and the powerhouse of fashion, had its warehouse run on weak WMS leading to poor inventory accuracy and an increase in losses. The system lacked capabilities to ramp up during peak sales days leading to loss of business and poor tracking of orders. 


Improve inventory accuracy and allow 100% inventory view across multiple sales channels. Implement solutions for faster inventory-order sync during regular days and peak sales days to ensure no loss of business and higher accurate order fulfillment.


  • Increff WMS deployed
  • A single view of inventory exposed to all marketplaces and B2B sales channels
  • Deep integration with their own e-commerce website. 


  • 100% inventory accuracy at Bin level, more than 2Mn pieces handles
  • 100% order fill rate with zero wrong dispatches for both B2B and B2C orders. 
  • 300% increase in operations within 3 weeks
  • Delivered significant flexibility in operations to manage big sales days and B2B dispatches.

Author: Shivani