A leading Footwear brand boosts online sales by 3x with Live Inventory-Order Sync

One of the world’s leading sportswear brands was operating on multiple tech platforms in a single warehouse which adversely affected the overall warehouse performance. With Increff WMS they were able to get a single view of inventory with real-time inventory order sync to ensure no order cancellations due to stockouts or blocking of inventory for one channel.

Objective: To build efficiency in warehouse operations and reduce time spent in toggling between the different screens and multiple platforms. Have the ability to view 100% of inventory, exposed across all sales channels, thereby improving order fulfillment efficiency and accuracy.


  • A single view of inventory – A one-stop solution for OMS (Order Management Solution), WMS (Warehouse Management Solution), CIMS (Channel Integration Management Solution), and IMS (Inventory Management System).
  • Ability to showcase 100% of inventory across all sales channels
  • Lowered cost of operations with inventory serialization and increased order accuracy


  • 40% reduction in inventory holdings
  • 3x increase in pure online sales
  • 99.9% order fulfillment accuracy
  • SLA reduced from 3 days to 1 day
  • Live inventory-order sync to ensure no order cancellations due to stockouts
  • Easy training modules for quick ramp-up during peak sales

Author: Alaf Azam