Incredible Efficiency through Data & Technology

  • Delivering significant and sustainable increase in sales and margins
  • Reduction in working capital for brands and retailers

Problems We Solve

Brands & Retailers miss significant growth opportunity due to poor Inventory Efficiency

Poor Demand Sensing

  • What, when and how much to make/sell
  • Where to sell
  • Right pricing

Poor Demand Fulfilment

  • Inability to showcase complete variety
  • Demand-supply mismatch at stores / other sales channels

Increff Technology Solutions

IRIS - Science of Merchandizing

  • What, when and how much to make/sell
    • Sense demand at most granular level
    • Assortment planning (optimal width, optimal depth, true size zero)
  • Where to sell
    • Inventory distribution (every piece of inventory reaches its best destination)
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ASSURE - Smart Fulfilment

  • Web based Fulfilment Platform
    • Smart inventory placement across network of “managed” warehouses
    • Expose 100% inventory to all sales channels
    • Single view of inventory, digital exposure to all sales channels (online & offline). Fulfill demand across channels (online / offline, B2B/B2C)
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Increff was founded in August 2016 by former Myntra executives Rajul Jain (Senior Vice President of supply chain), Anshuman Agarwal (Assistant Vice President of project management), and Romil Jain (who was previously with Trilogy and Computer Associates). In just under two years, the company has grown to 55 employees, over 10 customers and two enterprise B2B products (IRIS & ASSURE). Further the company now runs 4 fulfilment centers across India for its clients.


Rajul Jain | Increff

Rajul jain

CEO & Founder
Romil Jain | Increff

Romil jain

Anshuman Agarwal | Increff

Anshuman Agarwal

Naveen Nagoori | Increff

Naveen Nagoori

VP, Operations
Ravisankar Velidi | Increff

Ravisankar Velidi

VP, Engineering
Manish Raval | Increff

Manish Raval

Business Development Manager