Replenishment decision-making time reduced from 1 day to 30 min

One of the leading brands of sarees in India was using MS Excel for analysis and decision-making related to replenishments and replacements. With an increase in the number of new stores and an expanding customer base, the process became time-consuming and led to inaccuracy in decision-making. They were looking for a solution that could automate the replenishment process, making it efficient and error-free. 

Problem Statement:

  • With the increase in the number of stores, deciding which styles to replenish across all store locations using MS Excel sheets was not possible and led to a lot of errors
  • Analyzing styles attributes at the granular store-style level and conducting cluster level replenishment decision-making, was getting difficult with the increasing number of stores
  • It was taking a lot of time, almost a day or more to ensure the right orders were raised for replenishments

Solution: Increff Merchandising Solution for automated replenishment process.

  • Cluster level replenishments were handled by defining the masters appropriately according to the brand requirement and using width increment
  • Margin of errors was reduced significantly with data-driven decision-making leading to high accuracy and greater efficiency
  • The brand was able to analyze up to 7 levels of attributes for deep granular demand analysis and automate replenishments across all stores within minutes 

Business impacts:

  • Time taken for making replenishment decision reduced from one day to 30-40 min
  • With Increff Merchandising Solution, as many stores as possible could be analyzed, in negligible time, for decisions regarding replenishments
  • The outputs are on point and the errors are reduced adhering to the past sales

Author: Tejaswini