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Easy Order Fulfillment from Offline & Online Channels

  • An industry agnostic solution that requires only the product ID to process orders
  • 100% digitized processes as the order ID captures the history of the order
  • Simple API integrations for faster implementation and rapid communication between Order Management System and POS (stores or marketplaces). 
  • Rule-based order routing and splitting as locations can be classified into different kinds of stores and warehouses. Cluster-based rules to decide nearest order fulfillment locations


31 March, 2022


Challenges in Kidswear Merchandising – Solve with Increff…

One of the fastest-growing retail categories in the last few years is Children and Baby…


7 February, 2023

2 days ago
SSmart Merchandising

Manage inventory transfers efficiently for your growing business

What is (Inter-Store Transfer) IST? The inter-store transfer also referred to as Inter Branch Transfer,…


30 January, 2023

1 week ago
RRegional Utilization

Implement Regional Utilization to minimize logistics expense

As same-day deliveries become a norm, faster order fulfillment is now directly related to retaining…


6 January, 2023

1 month ago
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