Reduce manpower cost by 20-25%. Embrace supply chain automation with Increff Omni

Did you know? 46% of the leading issues in retail and warehousing result from human error, and it costs the industry $1.75 trillion in lost revenue.
No doubt, warehouses and fulfillment centers are at the heart of supply chains. But by relying on legacy systems involving papers, spreadsheets, or human errors in any of the processes or workflows you are missing out on tapping into your company’s true potential.

With a cloud-based Warehouse Management System and Store fulfillment solution coupled with an order management system and smart integrations, Increff Omni automates and digitises your supply chain across all sales channels. It minimizes errors, increases efficiency & inventory accuracy, reduces labor costs, and improves traceability.

In less than 7 days

Rapid deployment

In just 5 mins

Quick employee trainin- high productivity starting from day one


Less dependency on skilled labor, extremely easy to use UI


Ease of multi-tasking by same labor i.e., same labor can be used for inwarding, picking and packing


foolproof, with no human decision-making required


scan based - Pen-less, paper-less, keyboard-less processes