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Closing The Loop – Increasing Retail Sustainability While Driving Profitability

With environmental issues and climate crises front of mind like never before, retailers and consumers cannot afford t...

10 August, 2022

1 week ago

Retail and Ecommerce Merchandising & Supply Chain Toolkit

As the number of channels through which brands and retailers reach out to customers grows exponentially, so does the ...

10 March, 2022

5 months ago
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Managing Inventory Challenges for upcoming Holiday Season Sales to avoid Stockouts & Maximize Revenue

Active inventory planning starts with hindsight from the supply chain perspective 9 to12 months prior to the holiday ...

26 November, 2021

9 months ago
SSmart Merchandising

Efficient Inventory Management in the Digital Era

Understanding customer requirements and capturing them accurately across all sales channels need to be streamlined in...

22 November, 2021

9 months ago