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Managing Inventory Challenges for upcoming Holiday Season Sales to avoid Stockouts & Maximize Revenue

Active inventory planning starts with hindsight from the supply chain perspective 9 to12 months prior to the holiday season. Merchandisers need to build close-knit cross-functional teams; Buying, Planning, and Allocation, to ensure all key pre-season observations are tied together to effectively plan for the upcoming holiday season sales. As the…

26 November, 2021

1 week ago
SSmart Merchandising

Efficient Inventory Management in the Digital Era

Understanding customer requirements and capturing them accurately across all sales channels need to be streamlined in order to scale businesses.  Manual Inventory Management - Traditional labour-intensive processes involved manual counting and tallying of stock which led to higher chances of errors and inaccurate stock keeping. Digital Inventory Management - The emergence…

22 November, 2021

2 weeks ago