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Modernize Retail Supply Chain with Digitization

A retail supply chain transformation can help improve customer service, increase operational efficiencies, reduce inv...

23 June, 2022

19 hours ago
OOrder Fulfillment

Guide to Omnichannel Inventory Management & Order Fulfillment

The omnichannel business model is transforming the retail and e-commerce industry due to the sheer ease and accessibi...

14 April, 2022

2 months ago

Retail and Ecommerce Merchandising & Supply Chain Toolkit

As the number of channels through which brands and retailers reach out to customers grows exponentially, so does the ...

10 March, 2022

4 months ago
OOrder Fulfillment

A Beginner’s Guide to Outsourcing Warehousing & Fulfillment

The term ‘warehouse’ and ‘fulfillment-center’ are frequently interchangeably used. However, businesses looking to exp...

10 March, 2022

4 months ago

How Can Brands Hit $100M Revenue via E-commerce?

The global e-commerce industry is expected to reach a total valuation of a whopping USD $16,215.6 billion by 2027, gr...

7 January, 2022

6 months ago
SSmart Merchandising

Managing Inventory Challenges for upcoming Holiday Season Sales to avoid Stockouts & Maximize Revenue

Active inventory planning starts with hindsight from the supply chain perspective 9 to12 months prior to the holiday ...

26 November, 2021

7 months ago

How to Tackle Warehouse Management Challenges during the Holiday Season

A warehouse should work like a well-oiled machine as its efficiency gets tested during the festive and holiday season...

22 November, 2021

7 months ago
SSmart Merchandising

Efficient Inventory Management in the Digital Era

Understanding customer requirements and capturing them accurately across all sales channels need to be streamlined in...

22 November, 2021

7 months ago

E-commerce Festive Season Sales insights – 2021

The overall revenue contribution this year was higher as compared to last year. This year shoppers bought products at...

3 November, 2021

8 months ago
OOrder Fulfillment

Omnichannel Fulfillment for an Omnichannel Customer

An effective omnichannel fulfillment strategy synchronizes demand with inventory management to prevent overstocking o...

27 August, 2021

10 months ago
RRegional Utilization

What is the hype around Regional Utilization?

Logistics costs form a significant component of e-commerce operations.  They can be controlled with an intellige...

14 July, 2021

11 months ago

How global lifestyle brands are adapting to the Post-Covid World?

Our e-book on the “Future of E-Commerce - Global Lifestyle brands adapting to the Post-Covid World”, discusses: Th...

9 July, 2021

12 months ago