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Working with ERP

If you have ERP then, you may need to:

  • Represent each e-commerce portal as a customer
  • Create a new SLOC (e.g. ECOMMERCE SLOC) to deduct picked inventory in ERP from GOOD SLOC
  • For picking, you can download a pick-list as an Excel file, and use your ERP to do the picking. All such inventory can be moved from GOOD SLOC to ECOMMERCE SLOC.
  • In case orders are cancelled after picking, then you can simply put away that inventory back, and use inventory adjustments mechanism to move that inventory back from ECOMMERCE SLOC into GOOD SLOC.
  • If any item is damaged after picking then you can move that inventory from ECOMMERCE SLOC into BAD SLOC

These SLOC inventory movements are also illustrated below

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