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What is not included ?

Below features are not supported in SellFast, as it is designed to be a “sell first, sell fast, sell all you can system”. If you need below features, then please opt for Increff Assure. However a few workarounds are mentioned below:

Returns Processing

The process to follow here is

  • Segregate all returns on a basis of date+portal
  • Capture images using a webcam / camera phone
  • Capture data using Google Forms or Excel sheets (one for each date+portal combination)
  • Process returns directly on the portal

ERP Related Workaround

  1. You can download the daily sales reports from SellFast in CSV format
  2. Upload the sales data in ERP for deducting inventory from the ECOMMERCE SLOC and show it as sales. You may need to manually move such inventory from ECOMMERCE SLOC to OUTBOUND SLOC, but all of that depends on the design of your ERP processes

Store Inventory

This system is not designed for exposing store inventory. The key reasons are:

  • World is moving more towards online.
  • It is expected that 20-30% of stores will be closed over next 2 years.
  • As more inventory gets sold online from stores, the cost of inventory becomes higher in stores as compared to warehouses. Basically more margins can be made from warehouses as compared to stores
  • This solution is designed for Covid only kind of situation. There is a likely-hood that stores keep becoming functional and non-functional (due to changing color status of districts, i.e. red, green, orange)

API Integrations with Brand Portals, ERPs

Again, the focus is to sell fast, on key marketplaces. All the integrations will just consume time, and delay crucial time to market.

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