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Support & Troubleshooting

SellFast has a 24×7 dedicated team to provide you with support and help you with trouble shooting. Clients can find answers to common issues (and raise support tickets) via our Support Portal.

Increff Customer Support Portal

Feature Requests and Customization

New features requests from clients, can be taking into the road-map if it improves the product as a whole and is beneficial for many other clients.

No customization can be provided, other than what the product already offers.

New Release Deployments

We take downtime permissions from customers before any new release deployments.


Acronym Definition
P1Software system is inaccessible or disruption of service as a result of bug, system configuration issues, data inconsistency issue
P2Usability fixes or feature requests which take less than 2 weeks to implement
TTRTime to respond
TTFTime To Fix

SLA (in days)

PriorityRCATTR TTF Total
P1System inaccessible due to networking, operating system, cloud related issues0.50.51
P1Minor Bug which takes less than 1 day to fix112
P1Major Bug which takes more than 1 day to fix134
P1Software scalability issues178
P1Data inconsistency issues (if any)178
P2Minor usability fixes or feature requests which take less than 2 weeks to implement71421


P1 and P2 will be taken only if the request makes sense as part of the product (feature wise or architecturally) and can be accommodated in the road-map

Also, in case Increff needs some data / responses from the client to fix the P1 issue, then SLA will be void.

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