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 About SellFast

Increff SellFast is an Increff product to sell your inventory on multiple ecommerce portals. It’s salient features are:

  • Exposing all your warehouse inventory to multiple ecommerce portals
  • Portal + SLA wise inventory picking
  • Single UI to pack portal wise orders (packing, invoicing and creating shipping label)
  • Manifest creation

Increff SellFast is highly superior because of

  • Robust integrations with standard E-Commerce portals 
    • Amazon MWS 
    • Myntra PPMP
    • Flipkart
    • PayTM 
    • LimeRoad 
    • SnapDeal
    • TataCliq
    • AJIO
    • Cloudtail
  • High frequency, low latency inventory synching, thereby minimizing excess orders to the absolute minimum
  • Extremely easy to use UI.

System Requirements

  • Windows laptops with WIFI connectivity
  • Google Chrome Browser
  • Barcode scanners (which can read SKU barcodes)
  • If you have ERP then, you may need to:
    • Create a new SLOC (e.g. ECOMMERCE SLOC) to deduct picked inventory in ERP from GOOD SLOC
    • Represent each e-commerce portal as a customer
  • A4 / A5 printer

High Level System Details


  • Deployed securely on Google Cloud (Mumbai Region).
  • Every client gets their own VM and DB for scalability and security


OMS: Order Management System

CIMS: Channel Integration Management System

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