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Why use ReturnsJini ?

If you are looking for a self-usable tool for return processing that can simplify your Adhoc returns in the e-commerce ecosystem – ReturnsJini is the product for you. For Adhoc returns, the warehouse management system is neither aware of the original forward orders, nor has any intimation of returns from marketplaces. ReturnsJini processes ad hoc returns from any brick and mortar store or marketplace. It processes both Return to Origin (RTO) as well as Customer Returns (CR). It runs multiple processes like quality checking the returned products,  digitally and physically segregating refurbished, rejected & resaleable returned products by printing appropriate labels and capturing the images & QC reasons for rejected products. With this data, your team can accurately generate SPF claims and push them to the marketplaces. It provides data for reconciliation and also has the capability to integrate warehouse management systems (or ERP) and process restocking.  These processes were made after years of research, incorporating best practices, and working directly with a variety of successful retail brands. It has been made with the vision of easing the returns processing work & increasing the efficiency thereby improving brands’ margins.

ReturnsJini to the rescue


  • Seamless reconciliation between returns data and actual returns through multiple data sanity checks
  • Segregate every returned item to be refurbished, rejected & resaleable along with reason and photographs for all QC Fail items
  • Captures reason for each failed return product thereby optimizing sales value of failed items
  • Streamlined return processing and automated decision-making
  • Print appropriate labels of Pass, Fail along with Fail reasons to track every piece
  • Instantly process and list quality passed returned goods back on your sales channels
  • Web-based cloud hosted fast, accurate and easy to use SaaS tool
  • Simple return processing of excess items


  • Capture photographs and reasons for all QC Fail items to submit for reconciliation with marketplaces
  • Process returns using any return data fields – Tracking ID, AWB no, Return Packet ID, Return Order ID, Forward Order ID

What makes ReturnsJini so special?

Any regular order management & warehouse management system can process returns created from its own forward orders, however, it cannot process omnichannel store returns or ad hoc returns not generated from its system. ERP on the other hand is not fully evolved to support multiple use cases for marketplace returns. ReturnsJini is an e-commerce compatible returns processing tool that can process system returns as well as ad hoc returns from any marketplace or physical store. It processes both Return to Origin (RTO) as well as Customer Returns (CR). It sorts returns as refurbished, resaleable, or unsaleable items and accordingly disperses the products in the value chain in no time. It is essential for managing complex returns and preventing inefficiencies that can lead to wasted time and resources. It also helps in; 

  • Sorting and consolidating return items 
  • Quality checking each returned product, marking it as QC Pass/Fail, and capturing images and reason for failed products
  • Marking the items that are refurbishable
  • Printing label of QC Pass/Fail products
  • Pushing Return processed details as an order to ERP
  • Raising SPF claims
  • Reporting platform to track what is total return expected, total returns received, good/bad returns, SPF claim filed, SPF claim accepted
  • Pulling returns expectations from ERP (coming from warehouse to online system or store to online system) and pushing the processed returns details on ERP or any endpoint required, with only two integrations
  • Automating the entire returns processing such that your pass and refurbishable inventory can be made live through your warehouse management system at the earliest
  • Processing Returns through multiple warehouses or stores
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