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System Setting


This module is to set up your ERP & Cloud settings. ERP Setting is required to get the expected returns data and push the processed return orders. Cloud setting is required to upload & store the images of failed/rejected products to your existing cloud service.

  • Client Alias – It allows you to enter client name or alias that will be printed on qc pass/fail labels
  • Fail QC Reason – There is already an existing set of QC reason list created by Increff, however if you need to add more customized QC reason to the list you can do it from here
  • Warehouse Setting – This lets you update the warehouse ids or store ids from where you want to process the returns
  • Sales Channel Setting – This lets you update the sales channel – online marketplaces or offline stores like EBOs (Exclusive Brand Outlets), Franchise, LFR (Large Format Retail) stores, etc. from which you want to process the returns
  • ERP Setting – You can enter your ERP credentials to pull return expectations, and/or push processed return payloads
    • ERP URL : Link to connect to ERP
    • Username : Login credentials (Username)
    • Password : Login credentials (Username)
  • Cloud Setting – This gives you the functionality to upload the returned product fail images on your cloud bucket specified here
    • Base URL : Link to connect to your cloud storage
    • Bucketname : Bucket name that contains your data
    • Cloud Provider : Select from the list of Cloud storage services available – AWS/Google Cloud server, etc.
  • Return Closure Setting – This lets you enter the unprocessed return closure time in days. If there is a return that is not processed until the threshold specified here, will be marked as expired
  • Client Warehouse Mapping – It restricts users of different clients within your organization to process return expectations for other clients. One warehouse can process only one client, however, one client can have multiple warehouses
  • Allow Config Creation via API Setting – This allows sales channel and client addition via API integration if not present in the above list
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