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Process Returns

This module processes system returns as well as adhoc returns from any marketplace or physical store. It processes Return To Origin (RTO), Customer Returns (CR) as well as Manual Return To Origin (MRTO). It sorts returns as refurbished, resaleable, or unsaleable items and accordingly disperses the products in the value chain in no time. It is essential for managing complex returns and preventing inefficiencies, which can lead to wasted time and resources. It helps in

  • Sorting and consolidating return items 
  • Quality checking each returned product, capturing images and reason of failed products
  • Pushing return processed details as an order to ERP

Processing of Return to Origin (RTO) or Customer Returns or Manual Return to Origin (MRTO) in Returns System

  1. Returns inventory is received in the warehouse – these returns can be either return to origin (RTO) or customer returns (CR) or Manual Return to Origin (MRTO). These returns need to be uploaded to the ReturnsJini under the upload returns section
  2. One of the fields “Field X” (out of Forward Order ID, Return ID created by Marketplace, Tracking ID/AWB Number) is scanned or entered manually in the Returns System
  3. Mark inventory as QC_PASS or QC_FAIL by physically verifying the product image and attributes in ReturnsJini
  1. Take automatic pictures once you select QC_FAIL and select the reason for QC_FAIL (a predefined list which will mirror the list defined in ReturnsJini). You can take a maximum of 5 images of failed products
  1. The system will generate a sticker for QC_FAIL item with the correct reason mentioned on the sticker and with the Client Alias, Brand, Sales Channel, ChannelReturnOrderId, QC Status as FAIL, EAN, Reason for Fail
  1. System will generate a sticker for QC_PASS item with the Client Alias, Brand, Sales Channel, ChannelReturnOrderId, QC Status as PASS, EAN
  1. Mark the product as refurbishable or not to digitally segregate refurbished inventory
  2. Process (QC) all the line items within an order together. If you try to process another order without completing the items in the current order, it will throw an alert message to QC all the lines items within an order before proceeding to next. For example – Here one Return Order Id (Return Expectation) – R11 (Tracking ID no – AWB11) had 3 items. On the Process Returns screen, 1 item was processed and marked as QC Pass. Instead of processing the other 2 items, if someone scanned another Tracking Id – AWB2, it does not let them process this new AWB2 number and gives an alert message instead “Please QC all line items before proceeding to next!”
  1. This module will generate multiple reports and these reports will be pushed to ERP at fixed times set by the brand. ReturnsJini will mark these return expectations as closed with QC pass/ fail tags in their system
  2. Returns System keeps posting returns received to ERP in a particular format

Filter Parameters

  • Sales Channel : This represents your sales channels. E.g. Myntra, Amazon, Alibaba, EBO (exclusive brand outlets), Costco (a partner chain) etc.
  • Search parameter : You can process returns based on either ForwardOrderId, ReturnOrderId or TrackingId (PacketId or AWB no). On selecting one of them, another field will appear
  • Enter the ForwardOrderId, ReturnOrderId or TrackingId no based on which you want to process the returns


You get to see the multiple Reports as outputs, that will be pushed to ERP via payloads

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