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Process Extra Item


This module allows you to process returns of extra items that you have received physically but there are no return expectations against them. 

  • You can search returns based on the same filter parameters
  • On the screen on the top left-hand side there is an option to Process Extra Item
  • Clicking on Process Extra Item will open a pop as shown below
  • For these extra item’s ForwardOrderId, ReturnOrderId, or Tracking Id (PacketId or AWB no), there is an option to mention branded product, or not. Branded are the ones that belong to the client’s own brands and for them, clients can claim credit from marketplaces. Non branded are the ones that are not part of client’s brands
  • You can scan the ProductID of this extra item received. If product masters are present, you get an image and product attributes to compare. You can mark it as QC Pass/Fail and mention QC Fail reason, comments and capture 5 QC Fail images
  • If it’s branded you can submit, if not, you can specify two more fields – The brand of this extra item and any additional comments. Post this you can submit

Filter Parameters

  • Sales Channel : This represents your sales channels. E.g. Myntra, Amazon, Alibaba, EBO (exclusive brand outlets), Costco (a partner chain) etc.
  • Search parameter : You can process returns based on either ForwardOrderId, ReturnOrderId or TrackingId (PacketId or AWB no). On selecting one of them, another field will appear
  • Enter the ForwardOrderId, ReturnOrderId or TrackingId no based on which you want to process the returns


You get to see the Extra Returns Item report, that will be pushed to ERP via payloads

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