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This document lists some common mistakes which can cause problems in using the technology.

  • Do not change or remove the column names of the CSV files
  • There should be NO blank lines in CSVs at the top, somewhere in the middle, or bottom of the file
  • Often long numbers get shown and saved as 3.2129E+17. The system cannot read these numbers. Ensure that the CSV files contain plain numbers only
  • Avoid special characters like “&”, “,”, “#”, “!” etc. in various values in the CSV files
  • Enter mandatory data in the upload returns file – MarketPlace, ProductID, Quantity and one of (TrackingId, ForwardOrderId, ReturnOrderId). Rest fields are optional. However, if any of these mandatory fields is missing (or blank) you will get an error message on uploading
  • Avoid duplicate entries in upload returns file else you will get an error message with the line number containing duplicates
  • While processing returns, please ensure you enter the correct QC status – pass/fail and the correct reason for rejected products. Mistake in these details would result in wrong labels being printed and wrong orders being pushed to ERP

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