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Why use IRIS ?

IRIS is an end-to-end merchandising platform that enables brands merchandisers to:

  • Find top sellers
  • Create a highly optimized merchandise assortment at store level (for each month)
    • What type of products to keep?
    • In what size sets ?
    • What revenue contribution can be expect from from this assortment ?
  • Based on target sales, what quantities to procure for these products
  • How to intelligently distribute inventory from warehouse to stores

IRIS can be used for both offline stores and online stores (i.e. e-commerce portals)

What makes IRIS so special ?

Driven by algorithms

IRIS is a collection of patent-pending algorithms which make merchandising activities super-fast and accurate. Merchandising is a complex subject and this space-age software captures that complexity to increase your prediction accuracy with lightning speed.

Automatically considers and balances most business requirements

IRIS considers many factors to arrive at optimal outputs for merchandising

  • Seasonality
  • Monthly changing revenue contributions from different categories
  • Product attributes
  • Product discounting
  • Product Rate of Sales (RoS)
  • Changing size requirements of a store, because of changing local demographics
  • Company revenue targets for stores
  • Sales partners (e.g. EBOs, LFRs, E-Commerce) – different partners can have different merchandising requirements
  • Store planogram
  • Store freshness
  • High number of options available to consumers at stores
  • Reducing broken sizes
  • And much more !

Blazing fast and accurate

It is designed to be super-fast. The entire work that takes a smart merchandiser days or weeks to finish, can be completed in under 30 seconds. Also, being driven by the power of computing, the outputs are accurate (humans can make costly mistakes, computers cannot)


All outputs are provided by way of downloadable reports. If you want to make any adjustments, before taking any decisions, you can always override them.

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