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User Management

User Management

This module allows you to manage users, and roles defined in the default security realm. You must be logged in as a member of the Administrators to add, delete, enable/disable or modify a user or role.


Admin has the access to add, delete, enable, disable users and grant them appropriate accesses. Select their role, set their login credentials using this section

Create New User

Fill out the following details to create a new user. All the below fields are mandatory

  • Full Name : Name of the user
  • Email : Official email id of the user
  • Username : Customer username for login purpose 
  • Login Mode : Set the mode for user to login via Google Account or Username/Password or API Integration or Not Allowed
  • Password : Set the password for the user to login
  • Confirm Password : Confirm the set password
  • Contact : Phone no of the user
  • Click on the Submit button to create a new user
  • Click on the Cancel button to cancel creating a new user

Assign User Role

Assign roles to each user. This user role will give them specific accesses. Admin to select the appropriate access for each user

  • app.admin – Users with this role will have complete access to the tool, including all the products under the SaaS umbrella, with no restriction. In addition, they can also subscribe to any product, manage users and access the Billing section.
  • app.billing – Users with this role will have access to the Billing section.
  • irism.admin – Users with this role can access Iris M product without any restriction.
  • irism.guest – Users with this role has access to view only the generated reports. They cannot add/modify users, upload tables, update input parameters, migrate Data creation tables and delete sales.

A user with the role app.admin can update the user details, change the login mode and password for the newly added user. They can also reset the user or change the role of the user

Refresh Users

Click on Refresh Users to see the updated list of users and their details

Search Users

Using the Search button on the top right corner, admin can search users via any of the user details. Click on previous or next button to scroll through the users in case the list is long


The user can update the user profile details. The user can also change the password here

Update User Details

Following details can be updated

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Username
  • Contact
  • Click on Submit button to update user details
  • Click on Cancel button to cancel updating the user details

Change Password

Password can be updated by entering the following

  • Full Name
  • New Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Click on Submit button to change password
  • Click on Cancel button to cancel changing the password

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