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Tableau Basics

Downloading the data

To download the data from any dashboard, you need to click on the “Download” option at the top right corner. The following list of options will be shown on the screen:

The user can download the complete view as an image/PDF/ Powerpoint by clicking on the respective option.

To download any Table as the exact same view, the user needs to click on the Table first before clicking on Download and choose “Crosstab” as the file format.

To download the complete underlying data, the user can choose “Data” as the file format. As the base data is usually quite huge, this option needs to be chosen only if the complete base data is required for ad-hoc analyses.

Saving a view:

If the user wants to save a view as a template after applying certain filters, they can click on the “View: Default” at the top and save the view for future purposes to save the effort of applying the filters every time.

The user can select the options “Make it my default” and “Make it visible to others” accordingly.

Applying Multiple filters at a time

If a user wishes to make multiple changes to the filters, it is recommended to Pause the view and then make changes in the filters and then resume it after the selection is done.

This will help in reducing the time to get the final view as the data will get refreshed only after the user clicks on “resume”

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