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Open To Buy

Minimum Display Options: Minimum options to be display at Store + Category level. If the specified % of the defined options are not met by the width suggested in OTB (Buy plan), the category will be exited from the Store.

Category Exit Condition Percentage: If the no of Options suggested by IRIS for a Category in any Store is below the specified % of the Minimum options, that Store+ Category combination will be exited
If the number of suggested options is more than the specified % but less than the Minimum display options, then the no of options will be increased to meet the minimum display options

Returns Percentage: Maximum allowed returns to vendor as a % of the Quantity bought for every Store+Category combination at the end of the Season

Sell Through Ratio Override: Full Price Sell through target for every Store+Category+Sub Category+Price Bucket combination Optional Input- In the absence of this input, the Sell through automatically calculated by IRIS will be used to recommend the Buy Quantities

In-Season Planogram Quantity: Percentage of Planogram to be filled by the new Season Styles at the launch of the Season (Drop 1)

Depth Range Segments: Defines how the Styles can be grouped into segments based on buy quantity. Used only for reporting purpose

Microbuy Benchmark: The minimum depth for a style at category level below which all styles will be tagged as Microbuy

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