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Dynamic Markdown

Store Grouping: Specifies the list of attributes which should be considered for each category while creating the Attribute Groups

discount_store_groupGrouping of stores for which we would like to offer discounts. Eg., All the stores within a store group will have the same discount recommendation for any style
discount_flagIndicates if the Store’s data needs to be included in Discounting analysis. Value should be either 1 or 0 if a Store needs to be enabled/disabled respectively

Store Group Style Discount Override: Day+Store group level current discount of an article can be given here. If a store group-style combination is present in this input, the current discount given here will be used else it will be calculated from the sales data of the selected duration

Style Grouping: Defines group of Styles(at any attribute level) for reordering/ discounting, plannned trading days,season type(OSM/NSM) and discount override

style_groupGrouping of styles at any attribute level, for example, a grouping of style can be at category level or within T-shirts you want to compare polos separately and round neck separately
season_typeThe season type of the style for example it could be OSM(Old Season Merchandize), NSM(New Season Merchandize) ,Fashion or Flexi
lifecycleThe plannned trading days (e.g.,60,90,etc) of the style.
discount_overrideIf there is a new season(NSM) and old season merchandise(OSM), brands may not want to change(increment) Discounting for certain styles of NSM. So we can add these NSM styles to the override. We will consider these override styles for comparison but still not change anything on it. Value could be 1 or 0 to consider or not consider style as override respectively.

Discounting Guardrails: Guardrails at Brand/Category/ Season level to limit the maximum discount or to avoid offering a discount on good performers

season_typeThe season type of the style for example it could be OSM(Old Season Merchandize), NSM(New Season Merchandize), Fashion, or Flexi
start_discountMin discount put when a style is discounted for the first time
max_discountMaximum discount to cap discount increments
incremental_discountPercentage value by which the discount needs to be increased or reduced basis recommendation of Increase/Decrease in each cycle

Discounting Engine Logic: Discounting decision matrix with ROS, Lifecycle(DOH+Age), and Health as factors

rosClassification of unique ROS values as HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW in the product as according to the benchmarks provided at store group style group level
doh_ageingClassification of unique Lifecycle(DOH+Ageing) values as HIGH/MEDIUM/LOW in the product by comparing it with the planned trading days of the style provided by the brand
healthClassification of styles as HEALTHY/UNHEALTHY in the product as according to the pivotal size benchmarks provided
actionDecision as Increase/Decrease/Continue according for the 3x3x2 matrix of ROS and Discount
perc_of_max_discountFlexible capping based on a combination of high-medium-low

GRN: Day+Warehouse+SKU level GRN quantity. GRN resets ageing – can be cases where its in WH but not at stores

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