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Business Intelligence

Store Targets:

Store level Revenue targets for every month. Used in reporting to compare the targets with actual achievement.

Category Key Sizes:

Specifies the required sizes in the Stock for a Style to be considered “Healthy”.

SIZE_SET_1 If a Store+ Style has all the sizes mentioned either in size_set_1 or size_set_2 for that category, it will be considered healthy. Used only for reporting purposes

For Example, if the input is given as S,M,L and M,L, XL for a category, all the store style combinations in that Category having at least S,M,L or M,L,XL will be counted under healthy combinations.

Retail Calendar:

Defines the Retail week number to which days belong.

RETAIL_WEEKWeek numbers to be used for reporting. Year on Year comparison for the same week number will be according to these numbers
SEASONSeason to which the week belongs. Has to be one of the seasons present in the Style master
EVENTIf the Retail week belongs to any event period (For Eg., Black Friday Sale), it can be mentioned here


  1. All SKUs should be in SKU master
  2. All store IDs should be present in Store Master
  3. Revenue can not exceed (MPP*QTY Sold) and can not be 0 or negative.
  4. Date should be in ‘yyyy-mm-dd’ format
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