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  1. Does the system defines the storage capacity of each store?
    • Basis the store targets and minimum size set, the planogram creation module can suggest storage capacity of each store.
  2. Is the smart assortment plan fixed for a season or does it change with every run?
    • It can change during full price, discounted and event periods. The change happens depending on the corresponding sales periods considered.
  3. Does the buy plan also keeps changing considering it is done twice or thrice a year?
    • Demand pattern during fresh and EOSS(End Of Season Sale) may vary based on which the buy may vary.
  4. If a buy plan is taken for 6 months with monthly buying and every month is needed, should I suggest changes so that buy plan must change according to the current situation?
    • Buying can be done for every month within a season. Demand pattern can vary from month to month and can be based on similar month last year.

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