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Dos and Don’ts for file uploads

This document is to highlight certain best practices to be followed while uploading files in Iris X.

  • Please use only tsv (tab-separated values) files only. The system does not accept files with any other extensions.
  • Do not use non-ASCII characters in any of the file columns. ex: 网络, இந்தி, À È Ì Ò. In case the system throws an error that the file contains such characters, please open your file in Notepad/Notepad++ using the steps at this link.
  • Make sure that you do not include “\” in any columns, especially in style and EAN or SKU codes as the system will escape this character and convert it to “\\”
  • The system has a limit of 50 MB while uploading files
  • Make sure the number of cells in all your rows are equal to the number of columns corresponding to the input.
  • If you are not sure of any columns, use the help links against the input or download the template that is available in the upload dialogue box.
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