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Getting started

IRIS Enterprise™ is a B2B solution that needs to be set up by working with the Merchandising/ Category management teams of Brands/ Retailers.

It is a web-based software that needs no installation and will work on any browser.

IRIS consumes four major inputs

  1. Transactional data: Can be extracted directly from the Brand without any manual intervention by setting up a daily flow mechanism into IRIS. Following are some of the transactional data
  • Daily Sales & Inventory
  • Returns
  • Warehouse stock
  • Goods in transit
  1. Master Data: Has to be uploaded by Brands at the start of the season to update the masters with new stores or merchandise being launched. Following are some of the master data
  • Product masters of SKUs and Styles
  • Store Master
  1. Constraints Data: Can be modified/ retained by the Brands depending on the use case for which IRIS is being run. Following are some of the constraints data
  • Display capacity
  • Annual Operation Plan or Merchandise Financial Plan
  • Minimum order quantity by vendors, etc.
  1. Algorithmic Parameters: Can be adjusted by the users to suit the analysis specific to their Brands’ functioning and fine-tune it accordingly. Follow are some of the algorithmic parameters
  • Sales period to identify NOOS
  • Minimum quantity to be sold by a style for qualifying as NOOS
  • Benchmark to clean up liquidated and broken sales
  • Replenishment frequency for stores

For more information regarding the pricing and a demo of the tool, please reach out to us.


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