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Unique Item ID

One of central features in Assure WMS is the concept of unique item-id. When inventory is GRN’d into the WMS, every single piece is given a unique number (similar to the concept of IMEI number for mobile phones). This item-id is printed and pasted on to individual pieces. This is also called as serialization of inventory.

Item ID is the key feature that helps ensure

  • ~100% inventory accuracy
  • ~100% order fulfillment accuracy

Sample Item ID Bar-code Sticker

Advantages of Item ID

There are multiple advantages of item-id

  • During GRN, the system can record QC issue against every single item. So, you can pick items by their QC failure – e.g. pick all items which are soiled
  • Item ID enables 100% accuracy in counting during GRN and picking. Usually people will scan an EAN and enter a number. The number can be incorrectly entered (e.g 8 instead of 7). But in case of Item-ID, the system generates a unique serial no, which needs to be scanned. So counting errors or duplicate counting cannot happen.
  • On picking, the item-id needs to be scanned.
    • Here, item-id is automatically associated with an order.
    • Also, scanning item-id ensures the right count of inventory getting picked.
  • One can simply scan the item-id and know whether the item belongs to a single piece order or multi-piece order. So it helps in consolidating multi-piece order items
  • While packing, the item-id needs to be scanned. So wrong item cannot be dispatched with an order
  • When you find a piece lying in the warehouse, you can just scan the item-id, and know what to do with it. E.g.
    • Put it in XYZ bin
    • It is associated with an order, so take it to ABC packing station
  • During B2C returns, you can take photos and mark QC fail reasons against every item. This item-level evidence helps in making damage claims at marketplaces.
  • You can mix inventory across Legal Entities (since every item is also mapped to a legal entity). This helps improve warehouse storage density.

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