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Support & Troubleshooting

Assure has a 24×7 dedicated team to provide you with support and help you with trouble shooting. Clients can find answers to common issues (and raise support tickets) via our Support Portal.

Increff Customer Support Portal

Feature Requests and Customization

New features requests from clients, can be taking into the road-map if it improves the product as a whole and is beneficial for many other clients..

New Release Deployments

We take downtime permissions from customers before any new release deployments

Check the company wide SLA here

Assure Specific Marketplace Fulfilment SLAs

Marketplace/Channel Fulfilment SLAs are limited by marketplaces and 3PL, due to following reasons:

  • Marketplaces keep making frequent deployments at their end, and occasional API changes.
  • Marketplaces do not give the Service Provider any SLA metrics w.r.t to their system uptimes, or update of inventory values sent by Assure to marketplaces.
  • 3PL may develop a shortage of manpower, infrastructure or limitation by local laws or environment

Assure will provide 99.5% digital inventory allocation and 99.5% order fulfillment (on a monthly basis) provided there are no technical / operational issues at the end of:

  • Marketplaces
  • 3PL 

In case a deviation is observed from these SLAs, 

  • The Client can raise a ticket on our Support Portal
  • A full RCA will be provided by Service Provider
  • The RCA (and proposed resolution) will be copied to the Client, Marketplace/3PL.
  • In case there are issues on the Marketplace side, the Service Provider will need support from the Client (time to time) to also push the Marketplace to resolve the issue, because the contract is b/w Client and marketplace.

P1 SLA will be extended to 24 hours support during peak sales days (including weekends and public holidays) for major marketplaces. For e.g.

  • Myntra EORS 
  • Flipkart BBD 
  • Amazon Great Indian Sales

This 24 hours support will be valid for only planned sales days. Sometimes marketplaces extend the sales days by another 3-4 days. In such cases, we will try our best to continue 24 hour support for these additional days.

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