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Assure is an Order Fulfillment & Warehousing platform, with integrated Order Management System (OMS), Warehouse Management System (WMS), and Channel Management System. Assure helps brands in achieving :

  • ~100% Inventory Accuracy and Order Fulfillment
  • ~100% Inventory exposure to all Marketplaces and Stores
  • Real Time Sync of Inventory and Orders (under 30 seconds)
  • Amazon Prime status for 100% Inventory

Assure is available fully on cloud, runs via the web browser, and does not require any software installation in warehouse.

Assure can also integrate with a brand’s ERP and E-Commerce Portal


  • Ability to expose even last piece of an SKU and fulfill the same
  • Complete traceability of even rejected items
  • Measure performance (speed, productivity, mistakes) at individual level
  • No need for cycle count
  • Solves for operator hiring – anyone who can read alphabets and nos can operate.
  • Solves for attrition – Need 5 min training only on each screen
  • Real time sync of inventory and orders, with deeper integrations with all online channels, solving excess order issues.
  • Any type of report / MIS possible as data is captured at most granular level and no software coding required to create reports.
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