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Increff Omni is an Order Fulfilment & Warehousing platform, with integrated Order Management System (OMS), Warehouse Management System (WMS), Store Fulfilment system (SFS) and Channel Management System.

Increff Omni helps brands in achieving :

  • ~100% Inventory Accuracy and Order Fulfilment
  • ~100% Inventory exposure from warehouses and stores to all Marketplaces and Brand websites
  • Real Time Sync of Inventory and Orders (under 30 seconds)
  • Amazon Prime status for 100% Inventory

Increff Omni is available fully on cloud, runs via the web browser, and does not require any software installation in warehouse.

Increff Omni can also integrate with a brand’s ERP and E-Commerce Portal

Over all Increff Omni Suite


  • Ability to expose even last piece of an SKU and fulfil the same
  • Complete traceability of even rejected items
  • Measure performance (speed, productivity, mistakes) at individual level
  • No need for cycle count
  • Solves for operator hiring – anyone who can read alphabets and nos can operate.
  • Solves for attrition – Need 5 min training only on each screen
  • Real time sync of inventory and orders, with deeper integrations with all online channels, solving excess order issues.
  • Any type of report / MIS possible as data is captured at most granular level and no software coding required to create reports.


Integrations (Proxies)

These modules are responsible mainly for translation between external system and internal system

Assure Magic is our standard Integration module.

CIMS (Channel Integration Management System) 

This module is responsible for all the common flows required to enable the Integration ecosystem. 

This will include 

  • Triggering scheduled jobs, for fetching orders, return orders, sending sales posting
  • Saving external identifier to internal Identifiers mappings, 
  • Applying buffer on Inventory 
  • Sending Inventory update to integration/marketplaces

OMS (Order Management System)

This module is responsible for all Masters, Orders and Inventory related logic. 

Some of the functionalities are

  • Maintaining truth of Inventory
  • Driving the allocation logic
  • Splitting/Routing logic
  • Seller Cancellations in Order etc.
  • Creating SKU masters, client masters, stores and warehouses
  • Client Level configurations like SKU attributes, QC fail reasons.
  • Inventory Pools and inventory pool movements

WMS (Warehouse Management System)

This module enables processing at the warehouse. 

Example flows

  • Gate Entries, GRN, Stickering
  • Whole Inward of items in warehouse
  • B2B and B2C Picking, Sorting, pigeonhole Packing workflows
  • Cycle count/Bin Consolidation
  • Item wise Audits
  • Warehouse access control
  • Return Processing

SFS (Store Fulfilment System)

This module enables processing at the Store. 

  • Store Inventory uploads
  • Picklist and packing in store workflows
  • Return Processing

Possible Business Models

Increff Omni (Assure)

This consists of all the modules present in diagram

Increff WMS

Increff WMS solution

This consists of the modules except SFS. 

Ideal for clients that require processing from warehouses only. All our current clients are using this solution

Increff O2O

Increff Offline to Online Solution

This consists of the modules except WMS. 

Ideal for clients that require processing from stores only. 

Increff OMS

Increff OMS solution

This solution includes OMS along with available Integrations

Ideal for clients having their own WMS/Store Fulfillment System. 

Other players – Sterling OMS

Increff Integration as a Service

Increff Channel Integration as a service

This is something that we have started exploring recently. 

This consists of CIMS + Integration. Clients having their own OMS and WMS ecosystem will be ideal for this solution. 

Other Players – Channel Advisor

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