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Key Features

Unique Piece Barcode (UPB / USN) based WMSUPB  ensures that following information can be associated with a single pieceLocationQC statusOrder association
100% scan based operationsEvery action is only scan based, which allows the highest level of accuracy and efficiency. UPB + Scan beats RFID hands down
Multi location warehousingCan operate multiple warehouses and fulfil an order from the nearest warehouse. 
Digital Inventory ReservationsDigitally dedicate inventory to specific channels for peak sales period, without physically moving / allocating the inventory. 
Faster GRN with Unique Piece BarcodingPrint and paste UPB in bulk and then do mapping for faster GRN 
Short, Excess, RejectsAvailable at PO, Invoice, shipment and box level
Traceability of Inward BoxesUPB given to each carton received
Bin / Item OfflineCan make an item or all items in a bin offline for various purposes (audit, bin consolidation, repackaging, refurbishing etc.)
Partial Order Fulfillment Warehouse can keep packing items for a large order till the truck arrives, thereby enabling maximum possible operations and transportation utilization
Product photographProduct photograph is shown at every critical scan – GRN, picking and packing
Mobile Based WMSAll features like putaway, picking, cycle count and bin consolidation etc. can be operated on mobiles / HHTs
Both B2B and B2C fulfillmentSystem is capable of meeting all types of fulfilment orders (piece orders, bulk orders, marketplace, B2B etc.)
Pick Path optimizationAutomatically ensures that pickers are required to travel less within the warehouse and access minimum number of bins to fulfill an order
Superior ReportingIncreff system uses Jaspersoft, a TIBCO product for all its reporting. Also most micro level data (who did what and when, and exhaustive list of item statuses) are captured. Hence customized and accurate reports can be created quickly. Can create custom email alerts. 
GST compatibilityFull GST compatibility for invoicing
Digital scan of DocumentsPhysical documents received (invoice, tax forms, transport documents) can be scanned and stored digitally
Inward QCEvery piece can be QCed and reason for rejections captured against every rejected item
Pigeon HolePigeon Hole enables to combine multiple pieces for multi-piece orders this enables full and accurate packing of such orders
User Roles and PermissionsUser Roles allows complete safety and security of the system and adherence of processes
Order PrioritizationOrders can be prioritized based on TAT and Channel type
Inventory Live on PutawayInventory becomes live automatically and only on Put Away
Formula Based Inventory ExposureCan provide a channel-by-channel formulae for inventory exposure. For example if(available_qty < 3) then 0 else available_qty. This ensures that even excess orders can be fulfilled with low-depth inventory in hand.
Fast Inventory SyncingSyncs only  SKUs whose quantities have changed, as opposed to full inventory syncing. This ensures that inventory changes are not dropped by channel APIs. Hence Increff Assure is able to sync with inventory changes with all channels correct every 2 minutes.
Back Order Syncing Feature to do backorder syncing. This allows fulfilment of JIT orders. Myntra and Jabong follows JIT, which many channels are now looking at adopting.
Custom IntegrationsIncreff can do custom syncing with any private label website (e.g. ShopNaari, TitanEye website, ERP systems via FTP folders).
Gift Label PrintingIntegrations like Amazon Seller Flex require to print Gift Labels. Increff technology enables seamless integration for such special requirements
Bin Consolidation Merge items from two bins into one bin for storage efficiency
Cycle CountBe able to do cycle count for every bin to check for inventory accuracy

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