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Handling Expiry in Assure

The document covers a summary of the Expiry Items handling in Assure 

SKU Masters

ASSURE capture a flag in SKU masters. Is_perishable. Which tells if a sku is expirable/perishable or not. All expiry related functionality will only apply to perishable skus.

Batch Definition

There is a screen in WMS where a person in the warehouse can enter the batch ids and expiry date against SKUs received as in the given Format via a CSV upload. 

The person can either get this information from the invoice or has to open boxes to visually see the product and enter.

SKU IDExternal BatchMfg DateExpiry Date


During GRN, the operator will map the Batch to Items. Item Id stickers will have Batch and Expiry Details printed. 


During putaway, there is no restriction on mixing multiple batches of the same SKU in the same bin.

Inventory exposure to marketplace

Inventory will be maintained Batch wise in Assure. 

Inventory will be exposed to marketplaces as aggregated on the minimum expiry date along with cut-off on SKU level tolerance defined at the Marketplace Listing level.

Let’s say there are 10 pieces that will expire in 10 days (Batch A) and 20 pieces that will expire in 20 days (batch B) of the same SKU. We tell front ends that we have a min expiry of 10 days and a total of 30.

If SKU’s tolerance is set as 15 days then Batch A inventory will not be exposed and final inventory exposure will be 20. 

Different kinds of Tolerances ( in number of days to expiry). 

  1. Marketplace Tolerance: Marketplace wise captured at the SKU Listing level
  2. Alert Tolerance: Minimum number of days left to expire after which the warehouse operators should be notified that these items are going to expire.

Outwards Orders 

Order for perishable sku, have to be created with min_expiry at SKU level. 

For marketplace orders, if min_expiry is not given, ASSURE will auto compute it as Today + tolerance. 

Picklist and Picking

System will Release PickLists in FEFO. System will force Operators to pick from the Allocated Batch. 

Pickers will see Bin, Location, SKU, Batch and Expiry details. And will only be allowed to pick items matching to it. 

If orders come of less than 10 pieces then the system will force you to pick only from batch A. 

If 14 piece order comes then the system will force to pick 10 pieces from batch A and 4 from batch B

Batches getting expired 

System will auto mark batches as Expired on due time. 

There is also an option to Manually mark a batch as expired. 

Expired Items consolidation

A separate picking screen is there to pick expired Items.

Operators can input any Expired Batch Id and the system will give guided picking to pick all  items, also the system will keep marking such Items as QC fail with EXPIRED as QC reason.

Return Processing

If Item Id is uniquely identifiable, then the same item Id will be printed and Batch, expiry details will be preserved. Otherwise, the operator will be able to select Batch while Return processing from remaining to process qty of order. In case of product mismatch, the operator can select any batch. An option to mark items as Expired will also be given.

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