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Future Roadmap

This plan for upcoming features and enhancements is an evergreen document and will most certainly evolve as we continue to learn from our users. The forward-looking product roadmap does not represent a commitment, guarantee, obligation, or promise to deliver any product or feature or to deliver any product and feature by any particular date. It is at the sole discretion of Increff and therefore customers should not rely on this roadmap to make any purchasing decision.

AreaFeatureDescriptionStatusTentative Launch date
WMSCustomizable QC Fail ReasonsAllowing clients to customize/set QC Fail ReasonsLaunchedJanuary-2022
WMSConfigurable visibility of SKU AttributesClient can decide what all SKU attributes to display on WMS UILaunchedJanuary-2022
OMSVirtual ComboDefine A = B + CLaunchedJanuary-2022
OMSManufacturable Virtual InventoryExpose infinite virtual inventory Support for make to Order InventoryLaunchedJanuary-2022
OMSOpen POAbility to create inward orders without SKUs qty. SKUs QTY gets added as GRN is progressingLaunchedJanuary-2022
WMSReturns Processing by Item IDProcess Return without return expectation and using Item Id LaunchedApril-2022
WMSQR Code ImplmentationUsing QR codesLaunchedApril-2022
WMSB2B Box LabelsCapture Box wise weight and dimensions for B2B shipments and print Box LabelsLaunchedApril-2022
WMSExternal Item IDRun warehouse operations on External Item IDLaunchedMay-2022
O2ODigital PicklistEnable sotre operators to use their mobile for picking and accepting rejecting picksLaunchedMay-2022
OMS/O2OO2O : Order Splitting in Assure OMSSplit Order into multiple suborders Cluster definitionsLaunchedJune-2022
OMS/O2OO2O : Order Routing in Assure OMSRoute Orders to different locations based on cluster based minimize distance algoritmRoute Orders to different locations based on minimize shipment algoritmLaunchedJune-2022
O2OStore wise Roles and permissionsUser Acess controls and User ManagementLaunchedJuly-2022
WMSDisable Zone and AislesDisable Zone and AislesLaunchedJuly-2022
WMSConsolidated B2B PickingPick Multiple B2B orders togetherLaunchedJuly-2022
WMSGuided Item wise pickingGuided Item wise picking for RTV, QC reason wise pickingLaunchedJuly-2022
WMSWarehouse Audit Inventory Adjustment Warehouse Audit, Inventory Adjustment Feature for something permanently lost or found abruptlyLaunchedJuly-2022
OMSCapturing Delivery Date & StatusSupport in OMS for Capturing Delivery Date & Status for various marketplaces. and Sending it to ERPs in PostingsLaunchedJuly-2022
OMSCapture SKU weight/dimensionsCapture SKU weight/dimensions in OMS and send in pack calls to marketplaces and LogisticsLaunchedJuly-2022
OMS/O2OO2O : Single view of Inventory of All Locations Architecture for a single view of inventory in stores + warehousesIn ProgressOctober-2022
OMS/O2OStandard Apis for O2OExposing standard Apis for Inventory Look up, Order processingIn ProgressOctober-2022
OMS/O2OO2O : Standard Integration APIS in OMSStandard APIS in OMS for POS integrations and for Other WMS integrationsIn ProgressOctober-2022
OMSMultiple Units of Measure (UOM)Handling, Eaches and PacksIn ProgressJanuary-2023
WMS(B2B)B2B picklist release search screen filters and Pick Order groupSupervisors will be able to group B2B orders for picking on basis of different filtersIn ProgressOctober-2022
OMS/O2OO2O : Order Hopping in Assure OMS- Hop after an interval or Automatically after rejection- Hopping log- Max Number of Hops configurable in the systemIn ProgressOctober-2022
OMS/O2OO2O : Store Order fulfilment1. Store Definition in OMS,2. Store Order Processing capabilities 3. Ship from store/WHIn ProgressOctober-2022
OMS/O2OO2O : Marketplace Integration for Self route/Split/LogisticsIntegration with Marketplaces with OMS to control Splitting, Routing, Hopping and LogisticsIn ProgressDecember-2022
WMS(B2B)Cluster PickingCluster Picking & Pre packing staging and Pack box consolidationIn ProgressNovember-2022
WMS(B2B)PO/Vendor wise % based GRN excess toleranceSet supplier wise % value for how much excess inward is allowedSoonJanuary-2023
WMS(B2B)ASN & PO definationsOrder type ASN. Upload and data capturing for GRN againts an ASNSoonJanuary-2023
WMS(B2B)Delivery Load ConsolidationAfter pack Staging and B2B Delivery Load consolidationJanuary-2023
WMS(B2B)Zone-SKU mapping supportMapping of SKU to Zones and restrictions on putaway SoonJanuary-2023
WMS(B2B)Inward Staging and AQLInward Staging area and processes around itSoon
OMSClient Wise access control In OMS CIMS3PLs will be able to give access to their clients for uploading Listing, Orders, Masters
WMS(B2B)Inward Staging and AQLDon't make the inventory live until gate entry is not closed.
OMSE Invoice CreationSupport for B2B Domestic Orders, B2C International orders, Additional support like cess, tcs, vat, etc.
WMSWMS Integration frameworkFramework for integrations with WCS systems
OMS/O2OEndless Aisle supportPlacing Order in SFS by viewing other stores inventory. Note: payments we won't support.
OMS/O2OClick To collectCustomer should be able to collect their order from Store
OMSMulti MRPHandling Items with different MPRs of the same SKUs
WMS(B2B)Basic Dock ManagementBasic inward and outward dock management. Supervisors will be able to map incoming/outgoing orders to the dock. Define vehicle types and then map them to incoming Docks
WMS(B2B)B2B Cross DockingOutwards from the inward staging area
WMS(B2B)Item Customisation Workflow (MTO)
WMS3PL and Billing Storage calculation methods for 3PL Billings
WMSZone wise priority for picklist release WMS to allot pick from piece wise bins before allocating from bulk bins
OMSMiddle east customs and FreeZone requirement
OMSCapturing suggested package SKU from Channel Support in OMS for Capturing suggested package sku from channel in Order creation and showing in packing screen
WMSMulti Channel selection in pigeon hole pickingAllow operators to do pegionhole picking for multiple channels in 1 go
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