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Standard Integrations API

Note: This document contains only an overview of the available APIs. The detailed APIs with payload descriptions can be provided upon request.

Assure Magic provides a set of APIs which help any external system(channel) to integrate with Assure platform like:

  • ERP
  • E-commerce portal

Why should we integrate using Assure APIs? Why Assure cannot integrate with our ERP or E-Commerce Portal?

Assure APIs have functionality for both ERP and e-commerce integrations. As opposed to this, if we integrate with clients, then we will need to integrate with 2 separate sets of APIs – one for ERP and another for e-commerce. This becomes highly inefficient.

You get any upgrades for free – any new features we develop here for other clients get automatically available to you also for integration. These could be related to integrations with WCS (for example).

Our team can support you better, as they have full expertise on our APIs. If we consume your APIs then it results in a lot of client specific KT at our end.

 Integrating with our APIs is faster, cheaper, and bug free. Many large brands and brand-houses have rapidly integrate with us. Typically, clients can integrate with us in a month, while it takes ~2-3 months for us to integrate with clients.

The interfaces provided by clients are usually inadequate. Often APIs provided by clients miss proper error handling, data size handling, idempotency etc. Our APIs are very comprehensive and encompass all use-cases that we have encountered till date.

Clients are unable to provide good API documentation. This leads to too many unnecessary meetings / KT sessions. We have a comprehensive documentation.



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