Regional Utilization

RU closer to your customers?

Optimize inventory distribution across a multi-warehouse network to reduce delivery time and logistics costs with Increff Regional Utilization.

Build a healthy equilibrium between inventory distribution and regional demand by allocating the right inventory closer to your customers

Built for omnichannel, Increff Regional Utilization, a web-based, self-serve SaaS tool consisting of patent-pending algorithms, performs millions of computations within a few minutes of runtime


Drive profitability and better customer experience with faster turnaround time.


Savings in logistics cost


Boost in fulfillment from the local warehouse


Savings in EBIT margins


Air shipments converted to surface shipments

Significant uptick in delivery times

Increase in customer satisfaction scores


Superfast deliveries

  • Reduced shipping distance and order transit times
  • Resilient and flexible supply chain

Significant savings on logistics cost

  • Pincode level inventory distribution
  • Fewer air shipments
  • Minimum inter warehouse redistribution

Better exposure and higher sales

  • Boost product visibility on marketplaces by optimizing local demand
  • Increase sales conversion by improving product listings

Lower rate of returns

  • Timely order delivery preventing chances of returns 
  • Rapid re-commerce

Higher margins

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Increase in sales due to higher customer satisfaction

Automated decision making

  • Zero human decision-making errors
  • Streamlined inventory distribution

Drives sustainability

  • Minimize environmental damage
  • Shorten shipping distance

Faster and flexible deployment

  • Get started in few minutes 
  • Country-wide processing

Based on intelligent algorithms

  • Recommendations based on future demand and supply chain capabilities
  • Consumes only raw data, creates intelligent inputs

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"Your data is hosted in your region as per the regional data security regulations GDPR and PDPB. We ensure the highest levels of data encryption."