Puma Enhances Warehouse Operations with Increff

Puma, a renowned global sportswear brand celebrated for its groundbreaking and high-performance athletic products, remains at the forefront of innovation with its steadfast dedication to the “Forever Faster” ethos.

Despite this commitment, the brand encountered certain supply chain challenges that momentarily hindered its vision to become the fastest sports brand in the world. These obstacles included inefficiencies in inventory and order management, stemming from the use of multiple tech platforms in a single warehouse.

Discover how Increff WMS catalyzed Puma’s journey to unprecedented success with:

  • Real-time inventory updates every 30 seconds
  • Swift setup within just 30 minutes
  • Elimination of the need for extra inventory during peak sales
  • Drastic reduction in order processing time from 3 days to a mere 1 day
  • Enhanced daily dispatch capacity, accommodating 3-4K orders seamlessly

Explore how this dynamic partnership not only heightened Puma’s operational efficiency but also fortified their steadfast commitment to agility and speed.