Samay Kohli

I have known Rajul & the core team of Increff for the past several years. They have an amazingly diverse experience & deep understanding of supply chain operations & technologies (From Design till Customers) in India. Having solved problems first hand, they not only understand the pain points that the Fashion supply chain is facing today but they know the solutions also. To alleviate these pain points, they have embarked on a journey to build the future of the fashion supply chain in India. Increff, I wish them all success in their endeavour.


2 March, 2021


Increff’s Commitment to Data Security: Attains SOC2 Type2…

Data security has always been a top priority for Increff, and today we are thrilled…


30 May, 2023

3 days ago
SSmart Merchandising

Erasing Merchandising Errors: The Power of Data-Driven Decisions

In the world of retail, a single merchandising decision can influence the trajectory of a…


24 May, 2023

1 week ago
WWarehouse Management

How’s Picklist Optimization the Best Investment for Warehouse…

In the fast-paced world of warehouse management, where every second counts and customer expectations continue…


22 May, 2023

2 weeks ago
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