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Rani Alabed

Specialized tech solutions that bring agility and flexibility in supply chains are a must for every logistics player, and we are glad to partner with Increff in this. Being able to adapt quickly to the changing market demands while considering existing socio-economic conditions, is the only way to build sustainable and reliable supply chains. With Increff technology solutions, we see a brilliant opportunity for us to expand our operations into new markets while managing our existing clients in the best possible way.


9 December, 2021


7 Biggest supply chain mistakes & how to…

You could be one of the most seasoned merchandisers and yet you could fall for…


17 August, 2022

1 day ago

10 Unrealized Benefits of Serialization

Itemized serialization pays rich dividends to your business by optimizing processes, making inventory 100% traceable,…


8 August, 2022

1 week ago
SSmart Merchandising

4 Myths on Store Sales Maximization

As the marketplace becomes increasingly competitive by the day, store managers are dealing with a…


5 August, 2022

2 weeks ago
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