Rajiv Mehta

Increff marries their domain expertise in merchandizing & supply chain beautifully with cutting edge technology. They can provide valuable insights to brands and retailers on their best selling products and help tie up their back end production to manufacture such articles which will only enhance the brand value. So what if I am able to do this? Inventory and working capital can be reduced, adding millions of dollars to cash flow and bottom line Their team is prompt, supportive and expert in their specific spheres. A pleasure to work with them.


22 November, 2020


Increff’s Commitment to Data Security: Attains SOC2 Type2…

Data security has always been a top priority for Increff, and today we are thrilled…


30 May, 2023

3 days ago
SSmart Merchandising

Erasing Merchandising Errors: The Power of Data-Driven Decisions

In the world of retail, a single merchandising decision can influence the trajectory of a…


24 May, 2023

1 week ago
WWarehouse Management

How’s Picklist Optimization the Best Investment for Warehouse…

In the fast-paced world of warehouse management, where every second counts and customer expectations continue…


22 May, 2023

2 weeks ago
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