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Nitin Mohan

Increff Merchandising Solution is a wonderful addition to Blackberrys. Deployment of Increff Merchandising Solution has led to an improvement of inventory health across EBO stores in this stressful year. Increff Merchandising Solution’s auto-replenishment system not only saved significant manpower but also smartly allocated attribute-based inventory to the right store, improving overall availability, and resulting in higher sell-thru. Increff team has deep domain knowledge with a young and go-getting team. Increff team is very prompt and has a great support team. We are now scaling up Increff Merchandising Solution for all our secondary sales channels for the best inventory management.


2 March, 2021


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7 February, 2023

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SSmart Merchandising

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30 January, 2023

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6 January, 2023

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