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Anjana Reddy

Increff has been part of our growth journey for the last 2 years. They have a deep understanding of the fashion ecosystem backed by a strong tech platform. Increff helped us in improving our merchandising and fulfillment. This in turn improved our overall sell-through. Our store level allocation is the basis actual demand pattern giving us higher conversion rates. Increff has delivered very high inventory accuracy and accurate order fulfillment, thereby making our supply chain efficient.


2 March, 2021


Challenges in Kidswear Merchandising – Solve with Increff…

One of the fastest-growing retail categories in the last few years is Children and Baby…


7 February, 2023

2 days ago
SSmart Merchandising

Manage inventory transfers efficiently for your growing business

What is (Inter-Store Transfer) IST? The inter-store transfer also referred to as Inter Branch Transfer,…


30 January, 2023

1 week ago
RRegional Utilization

Implement Regional Utilization to minimize logistics expense

As same-day deliveries become a norm, faster order fulfillment is now directly related to retaining…


6 January, 2023

1 month ago
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